Corporate Services

Advisory Services

Setting up a business in a country you do not have local expertise can be a daunting task, and can be fraught with hidden costs and issues. At Conformita, our focus is to help you succeed – from the ground up.

With over 30 years’ experience in the corporate field and helping clients set-up and improve their businesses and companies around the globe, we are well-versed in helping you meet your business needs and goals with the minimum of fuss – quickly, efficiently, and most importantly of all, stress-free.

The Conformita has advised and undertaken work for small companies and multinationals on various aspects, including Information Technology, Internal Operations, Third Party Compliance Investigation, and KYC:

  • Audits & Testing
  • Background & Sanctions Check
  • Compliance Investigation
  • Corporate Set-Up
  • Policy & Framework Creation
  • Policy & Framework Implementation

Information Security

The current regulatory landscape has changed with the COVID-19 pandemic impacting how business and the general population interacts. Now, more than ever, cyber aspects of information has taken an importance never seen before.

Cyber Security and Information Security are major aspects for you as an individual AND for your business. In collaboration with HTP Consultancy, Conformita offers you solid advice and support to minimise the risks in today’s increasingly dangerous cyberspace environment, and protect your business from avoidable financial and reputational damage.

Business Processes and Project Management

For several of our clients, growing the business is not an issue – however, managing and implementing effective processes to minimise cost and maximise Return On Investment is a major headache.

With operational and strategic experts on our team, we are able to provide you with solid guidance on all aspects of improving your business processes and support you on planning and running your projects in an effective and efficient manner.